Save Yourself (S.Y.S.)

Most Americans don't realize that the federal government has no real intention of saving its populace should a disaster strike.

It warns its citizens to prepare to survive for at least three (3) days before rescue of any sort is likely.

Use the links below wisely. They may help save you & your loved ones lives.

Click above to learn how the federal government feels you should prepare.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency should be there to help after a disaster.

Don't forget about your pets!

The Emergency and Disaster Information Center has a map (as seen above) of up-to-the minute crises worldwide.

Click above to visit the Disaster Center, so you know when one is heading your way.

Betcha didn't know we had a National Center for Disaster Preparedness, did ya?

Is that a cough, or something more...deadly? (This website used to be known more ominously as

Need a bomb shelter? Personal radiation detector? How about a map of your state to show you where the nukes will land when launched? These guys have all of that, and much, much more. 

Gear up at the Survival Cache.