Disaster Government was written after more than three years of investigation into the federal government's own files.  It is not conspiracy theory.  It cites directly from the official documents on which it is based.  Much of this information was once Top Secret and for good reason.

Revealed within its pages is the most detailed information ever made public regarding Continuity of Government programs. These are the plans the U.S. federal government created to save itself in the event of a nuclear war or some other "national emergency."

What is a national emergency? You'd be surprised.

When one is declared--which occurs more often than you would believe--a whole slew of horrific legislation is made available to the President to enact. Some of this could do what you would hope is impossible, including:

      • rationing of food, water, and energy
      • the confiscation of your personal vehicle (car, boat, or plane)
      • the confiscation of your personal "electromagnetic device" (cell phone, ipod, computer, television, etc.)
      • forcing you to work where and on what project the government deems necessary
      • the ability to control your wages
      • and much, much more

These dormant laws and procedures waiting to spring to life were put into place by Democrats and Republicans from both the Left and the Right "for your protection"...and theirs. 

Disaster Government delves into Presidential Executive Orders, martial law & the Posse Comitatus Act, FEMA and its history, USNORTHCOM, and the Presidential Emergency Action Documents that make much of this possible. 

Also covered is the odd world of the secret underground bases and relocation sites built across the country to protect our officials in the event of a national emergency. Shockingly, hidden within these secret cities is an unelected shadow government ready to assume control should our elected officials be killed in a terrorist attack or nuclear war.

The scary part is: It's all true.