Disaster Government on the air

If you would like to interview Brian on your show, contact him at: brian2e@disastergovernment.com

Interviews to download or listen:

May 7th - A 45-minute interview with Rob McConnell on The 'X' Zone Radio Show. Listen/download it here.

May 2nd - An 80-minute podcast on Blacklisted News, available for free on iTunes or Spreaker (go to May 2nd for either) or simply "watch" it below:

March 10th - Three full hours with Ian Punnett on the nationally syndicated Coast to Coast AM

March 9th - A 40-minute interview hosted by Erskine on Erskine Overnight

February 24th - An hour-long interview on The Conspiracy Show with Richard Syrett

February 19th - A 40-minute interview from Jim Harold's Paranormal Podcast

February 16th - An hour-long interview from The Alembic Files