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High Praise for Disaster Government:

"Fans of Brian Tuohy's first book, The Fix Is In, already know that while Brian may not always be right, he is never in doubt. Brian's hallmark mix of detailed research and imaginative speculation are in full effect in Disaster Government. Does the Executive Branch of the U.S. Government really have this kind of pistol up its sleeve? Maybe with Brian's alarm ringing we can keep that pistol from ending up jammed in our ribs." - IAN PUNNETT, HOST, COAST TO COAST AM

"Brian Tuohy's Disaster Government not only warns the American public how an event that isn't a true ‘national emergency’ could easily turn into something worse, but he provides the actual government documents to prove his case. Should the wrong president encounter the right circumstances, the slippery slope of regulations and laws the federal government already has in place could alter the very fabric of the United States leading from civil unrest to martial law to a legal coup. This book reveals just how deep that rabbit hole may be. And even if we avoid this trap, this book is required reading for anyone trying to make sense of the Federal response to the next disaster, be it hurricane or pandemic flu." - JOHN PIKE, DIRECTOR, GLOBALSECURITY.ORG

"With Disaster Government, Brian Tuohy has contributed a fascinating history of Continuity of Government planning. If you delight in thinking about the unthinkable (and who doesn't?), this is the book for you." - BILL GEERHART, EDITOR & CO-FOUNDER, CONELRAD.COM