While this subject is vital to every American - whether they realize it or not - it is often categorized under the heading "conspiracy theory." This is 100% wrong. As the following videos will prove, subjects like Continuity of Government, national emergencies, and the so-called "Shadow Government" are not figments of someone's imagination.

In this example, Rep. Peter DeFazio gives a brief speech on the House of Representatives floor explaining that he - as a member of the Department of Homeland Security oversight committee - could not access the "Top Secret" annexes of President Bush's NSPD 51.

CBS News' Leslie Stahl interviews Richard Clarke about COG programs, one of the few times you see this subject discussed on any national news show.

This video shows you the inside of Iron Mountain, once the emergency relocation site for the Federal Reserve. Now it's used for storage for some of America's biggest treasures. If nothing else, notice how massive this underground shelter actually is.

The Greenbrier Hotel - part retreat from daily life, part underground bunker to shelter Congress in case of disaster. Decommissioned nearly 20 years ago, one wonders where Congress will run to now if the worst of the worst were to occur?

Umm...what? Why does the DHS need mine-proof vehicles? Are there a lot of land mines planted in the US that no one else is aware of? These are the strange things the DHS/FEMA possess that make sensible people scratch their heads.

One of several FEMA/DHS public service announcements. I like this one because it's co-sponsored by ESPN.